Instant Vegetarian Lasagna

This instant vegetarian lasagna I first made 10 years ago & originally was a recipe on the back of a San Remo instant spinach lasagna sheet packet. I must have been the only one that brought the spinach lasagna sheets as they stopped making them some years ago. The recipe use to be on the San Remo website but has since been taken off. Not sure why as it is extremely tasty!!! I even served this lasagna to a friend that was afraid of kidney beans (as she thought kidney beans were actually mini kidneys 🙂 for the record they are NOT little kidneys they are just another bean) & the lasagna won her over. The bechamel sauce can take a while so if you have a kitchen assistant handy I recommend using them to whisk the sauce till it thickens while you continue with the vegetarian sauce. The lasagna freezes well, but in my household it doesn’t stay in the freezer for long.

Instant Vegetarian Lasagna recipe here


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